Firewall Appliance

Own Your Full-Featured Firewall for $500

It is the wild west in the cyberspace! Criminal gangs are constantly roaming the global territories of the Internet and attacking anyone online. Their goal is to breach computer networks in order to steal, destruct or spy.

To avoid falling victim to cybercrime, you need to start building your network defences. Deploying a hardware firewall is traditionally a good choice to erect the first line of defence.

zaminIT pfsense firewall appliance is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for homes and businesses. Its various features will protect you against intrusions, viruses, spam, ransomware and phishing.

The appliance is more than a firewall. It can also function as a load balancer, VPN server, router and more. For a full list of its capabilities, visit the netgate website, the company behind pfsense firewall.

The flat fee of $500 includes a firewall appliance plus installation on your premises and one year of maintenance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need further information.