Before cloud computing, managing IT was a complicated process. In those days, the majority of us had to suffer the burden of deploying and managing our own in-house IT environment.

Cloud computing has provided us with a new alternative. We now have the option of leasing hardware and software solutions form a variety of Internet-based service providers.

There are compelling reasons to use cloud computing particularly if you are short of time and your budget is limited.

Managing an IT environment consumes a lot of time. Since the service provider manages the IT resources, we have more time to take care of our personal or business affairs.

Cloud service providers usually offer their clients the Pay As You Go model. You don’t pay in advance to subscribe to a service and are billed only for the resources that you use.

If you require more privacy and control, you can have your own personal cloud. Known as private cloud, they are more flexible and provide better customisation.

We also provide training in case you are interested in getting certified or maintaining your own Amazon Web Services or Nextcloud infrastructure.

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Managed Cloud Services

  • Data backup
  • Long term archiving
  • Disaster recovery
  • Static web hosting
  • Setup
  • Maintenance

There are literally hundreds of applications which can be hosted in the cloud. Here are some examples:

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Conferencing
  • Customer service
  • Team collaboration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Server
  • Desktop
  • Router
  • Firewall
  • Load-balancer